Long Term Disability Attorneys Appealing UNUM Denied Claims
In addition to being ranked in the Fortune 500, UNUM is also one of the country’s largest providers of long term disability coverage. Unfortunately, UNUM has also gained a notorious reputation for denying qualified claims for long term disability benefits. If you have received notification of a denied claim from UNUM, hire an attorney immediately; you’ve become involved in an uphill battle against an insurance juggernaut, the outcome of which may impact your very livelihood.

At the law office of Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC, we’ve successfully helped countless clients appeal denied claims presented to UNUM. This work, in addition to more than 50 years of combined experience, has given our long term disability attorneys a unique insight into the inner workings of the UNUM claims department. This insight allows us to offer the detailed guidance you need to understand your rights and your options for appealing the decision of denial.

We Will Never Back Down from UNUM
UNUM is a high powered company that employs thousands of individuals, including a fair number of lawyers and claims representatives. Taking them on may seem like David fighting Goliath, but we believe our knowledge and experience handling UNUM claims evens the playing field.

Working closely with you, we will help you address all of your unique UNUM denial issues, including:

Determining the cause of your denial: By law, UNUM must inform you of your claim denial in writing. This correspondence must include the reason for your denial, the specific policy or guideline used to deny your claim and your options for appealing the decision. We will help you examine your denial letter to determine the true cause of UNUM’s decision to deny your benefits.
Addressing the reasons for denial: In many cases, UNUM will deny a claim on the basis that information or documentation is missing from your paperwork. In other situations, they may deny your claim because your condition is not clearly detailed. Whatever the reasons for your denial, we will help you address the weaknesses in your case, and will assist in gathering additional information or documentation to better demonstrate your qualification for benefits.
Filing your appeal: When you are denied, you have the right to file a number of internal appeals directly to UNUM’s claims department. We will help you draft your appeal in a manner that offers you the best chances of obtaining benefits.
Holding UNUM accountable: Unfortunately, UNUM has been known to continually deny appeals, despite clearly defined qualification. If you are refused benefits during the internal appeals process, you have the option to file an ERISA lawsuit, which leads to a review of your case by a federal judge. We will help you file your suit, and insure that every detail of your condition and qualification for benefits is clearly included in your paperwork.

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