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Under long term disability plans, individuals who are unable to work due to disability or injury may be entitled to financial assistance. Unfortunately, many individuals who are entitled to receive long term disability benefits encounter resistance from their insurance companies; your insurer is often more concerned about protecting its own profit margins than helping you while you are unable to work. In many cases, insurance companies refuse claims pending an investigation or review by a doctor of their choosing, when in fact, you have the right to be evaluated by an independent physician without ties to your insurer.

At the law firm of Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC, our disability lawyers leverage more than 50 years of combined experience to support disabled and injured individuals throughout the United States. Our knowledge of the long term disability program allows us to offer you the advice you need to understand your rights, the benefits you are entitled to and the options you have for pursuing those benefits. While many insurance companies will try to intimidate you into dropping your claim, or make the process so difficult that you finally relent, we will fight to insure that you receive the payments you are entitled to under your specific program.

You Have the Right to Choose Your Own Doctor
Before approving a long term disability claim, your insurance company may ask you to see a doctor they have chosen for a second opinion. Since you have nothing to hide, doing so may be in your best interests, as their doctor will simply be reinforcing the opinions of your own doctors. It is important to note that you have the right to visit whichever physician you choose, and that your physician’s report must also be considered during the insurance company’s review of your case.

Unfortunately, we know that insurance companies are often heavy handed, and that your claims representative may use intimidation or confusion to convince you to see one of their doctors rather than your primary care physician. Our staff will never allow you to fall victim to insurance company strong arming, instead, we will work with you to help you understand the best ways to comply with your insurer’s requirements while also insuring that your case receives a fair and honest review.

Contact our LTD Attorneys for the Support You Deserve
Many individuals choose to file their initial claim for long term disability benefits alone. While this can be effective at times, you may open yourself to increased coercion or intimidation. Having us in your corner insures that your case is reviewed to the smallest detail, and that your insurance company adheres to your rights at every step in the claims process.

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