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Experienced Lawyers Guiding You Through the LTD Application Process
Applying for long term disability benefits can be a difficult task even under the best of circumstances; when you are injured or disabled, the application process can seem insurmountable. You do not have to face the LTD application process alone, however; the assistance of an experienced lawyer can be very helpful during your pursuit of benefits.

At the law firm of Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC, we understand how difficult and confusing the LTD applications process can be. We also know how important LTD benefits can be to your financial well-being. With more than 50 years of combined experience and a detailed knowledge of the long term disability program, our LTD attorneys work to provide the personalized support you need to understand the application process and to complete your application as quickly and effectively as possible.

Helping You Understand What’s Required in a LTD Application
Applying for LTD benefits can be a complicated process. Unlike other insurance policies, LTD programs require you to clearly demonstrate that your injury or disability prevents you from working. This can be a difficult task, especially since insurance carriers are more concerned about saving money than in supporting you while you are out of work.

Our staff has the experience needed to help you collect all of the information needed to apply for benefits, including medical records, doctors’ recommendations on your condition and employment records. Working on your behalf, we will contact the necessary individuals to gather this information, allowing you to focus on your well-being rather than chasing after your records.

Once the necessary information has been obtained, we work to help you understand the many aspects of the insurance company’s application. Often, these applications consist of a large number of misleading or vague questions that can be difficult to understand and answer. Our LTD application lawyers have worked with clients completing applications across the U.S. and from a number of the nation’s largest insurers. This allows us to offer knowledgeable insight into the information requested of you.

Ultimately, by helping you gather the needed documentation, and assisting you during the actual completion of your application, we work to put you in the best position for obtaining benefits.

Discuss Your Application with a Skilled Long Term Disability Lawyer
While it is possible to complete your initial application without legal assistance, properly filing for benefits can require a coordinated effort between a number of individuals, including your doctors and your employers. Having assistance during your initial filing can put you in a much better position to obtain benefits without having to undergo the lengthy appeals process.

To reduce the stress you feel during this difficult time, we are happy to offer free consultations, allowing you to get to know us and how we can help. We also provide our services on a contingent fee basis, meaning that you do not pay legal fees unless we are successful in helping you recover compensation.

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