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LTD Claims Attorneys Helping Clients Nationwide
Lawyers Offering Valuable Insight for Filing for Long Term Disability
Filing a claim for long term disability benefits is often a lengthy process that consists of many steps. While many individuals choose to file their initial claim without legal assistance, an improperly filed claim can result in instant denial; with the right guidance, you may better understand what is required of you and complete a more comprehensive application.

At the law office of Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC, our LTD claims lawyers have the skills and knowledge needed to help you understand the LTD claims process. We’ve spent more than 50 years combined learning the intricacies of the long term disability program, and have gained invaluable insight into the claims process and the steps that can be taken to improve your chances of filing a successful claim.

Long Term Disability Lawyers for all the U.S.
The process of applying for long term disability benefits can quickly become complicated and full of hurdles. Our staff offers detailed advice on every step in the claims process, including:

Filing an initial claim: Many people choose to file their initial claim for long term disability benefits without legal guidance. Unfortunately, the complex nature of the application and the extensive documentation needed can put a strain on you even without the added distractions of your physical condition. We offer advice on the proper methods of completing your claim, and will work closely with your doctors and employers to make sure we have the information needed to file a claim that offers the best chance for success.
Appealing a denied claim: Many initial claims are denied for a wide range of reasons, including insufficient information and lack of coverage. Fortunately, a denial of your initial claim is not the end of your pursuit of benefits; you have the right to appeal the decision with updated information. Our staff will help you gather all necessary documentation, and will help you complete your appeal in a manner that addresses the reasoning behind your denial.
Take your claim to court: Under the ERISA act, you have the right to have your case reviewed by a federal court if all other appeals avenues have been exhausted. During this review, the judge will only be offered the information contained in your claim – no testimony is heard from either side. This makes it imperative to provide every last detail of information related to your case, a task we will gladly assist you with.

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Denial Of Ltd Claim

Disability Claim Denial Attorneys Serving Clients Nationwide
Keep Moving Forward – Hire a Skilled LTD Lawyer for a Denied Claim
Receiving denial of a claim you have submitted for long term disability benefits can be a frustrating and panic-inducing experience; when you are counting on financial assistance from your insurance carrier and are denied, you can quickly run out of viable options for paying your bills. Despite the immediate fear and worry you feel when receiving a denial notice, it is important to note that an initial denial of your claim does not necessarily mean that you have reached the end of your quest for benefits.

At the law firm of Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC, our LTD claim denials lawyers understand the anxiety you may feel when you have been denied long term disability benefits. Fortunately, you are not alone in your denial; a large percentage of individuals are denied a benefits claim on their first attempt. While your denial is not an uncommon occurrence, it is a sign that you should hire an attorney to help you going forward.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, we have the skills and knowledge needed to help clients who have had their initial LTD benefits claims denied for a wide range of reasons, including:

Insufficient information
Improperly completed or filed documents
Missing medical records
Lack of coverage
Insufficient proof of your symptoms and injuries
Nationwide LTD Lawyers: Addressing the Reasons Behind Your Denial
If your insurance company denies your claim, by law they must inform you in writing of the denial. The denial letter must contain the reason for the denial, the specific policy or provision used to deny your claim, any additional information you must provide to validate your claim and the options you have for appealing the decision.

Our staff will carefully examine the insurance company’s denial letter in an effort to determine your best course of action going forward. Once the cause of your denial has been determined, we will help you address your claim’s weaknesses by gathering additional information, further consulting your doctor and resubmitting your application in a more concise format.

Throughout our service to you, we will carefully explain your rights to appeal the denial of your claim, and will work to help you complete your appeal in the manner that offers you the best chance of successfully obtaining the benefits you are entitled to.

If you have been denied LTD benefits, don’t panic. Call us.
If you have received notice that your insurance carrier has denied your claim for long term disability benefits, don’t panic; a large number of claims are denied upon initial review.

While you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about your denial, you should contact an attorney to discuss your options to appeal the decision. Our staff offers free consultations to give you the chance to discuss your concerns and learn more about your options. We also offer our services on a contingent fee basis, meaning that you do not pay legal fees unless we are successful in helping you obtain benefits.