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Injured or Disabled? Talk to a Long Term Disability Attorney
As a dentist, protecting yourself and your practice are likely high on your list of priorities; insuring that you carry long term disability coverage is one key step in protecting your practice should you ever become injured or disabled. While long term disability insurance can be a great way to reduce the financial strain you feel while you are unable to work actually obtaining the benefits you are entitled to can be a difficult and confusing task.

At the law firm of Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC, we offer detailed long term disability advice to dentists who have purchased their own LTD coverage. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our dentist LTD attorneys have the knowledge needed to help you pursue benefits when you are kept from working due to a serious injury or disability. These benefits can be vital in keeping your practice and your family financially secure while you work to recover or transition to the next phase in your life.

For LTD Claims & Appeals, Call an Experienced Disability Lawyer
As a dentist, you are likely very familiar with insurance claims; you’ve probably filed hundreds of claims for your patients. Unfortunately, long term disability claims can be much more complicated than a dental insurance claim. In fact, many claims are denied by the insurance provider for a number of reasons, including a lack of required information, or simply because they do not want to pay.

As an individual without employer backing or a human resources department to turn to, your claim takes on additional challenges. Fortunately, you do not have to face the process alone. Our staff will help you address the many complexities involved in the initial claims process, including:

Gathering all necessary documentation and information
Coordinating with doctors and accountants for supporting evidence of your claim
Completing your claim documents
Filing the claim in a manner that provides the best chance of approval
Unfortunately, many insurance carriers will deny your claim simply because they do not want to pay and feel that you do not have the support needed to press the issue. They could not be more wrong. Our staff will also guide you through the steps of filing an appeal, including:

Understanding the reasoning behind the denial
Addressing the issues leading to the denial
Gathering additional documentation or information
Completing the appeals paperwork
While we have often been successful in helping past clients obtain benefits through the internal appeals process with the insurance providers, some carriers simply refuse to listen to the evidence supporting your claim. Should your carrier continually refuse your claim, despite clear evidence of your qualification for benefits, we will help you file an ERISA lawsuit to have your case reviewed by a federal judge. In short, we will not rest until we have helped you exhaust every avenue to have your case approved.

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