LTD Attorneys Assisting Clients in Pursuit of UNUM Benefits
As one of the largest long term disability insurance providers in the country, UNUM provides coverage to millions of individuals nationwide. Unfortunately, UNUM has gained a reputation as being one of the most difficult insurance companies to deal with; they have placed high on the list of companies who deny claims and have become the subject of government investigations into bad faith practices, or the practice of denying claims without cause. The high denial rate has led to a great deal of hardship on behalf of many injured and disabled clients, leaving them without the financial support they are entitled to under their LTD coverage.

At the law firm of Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC, our UNUM long term disability attorneys have represented countless clients attempting to file a claim for benefits under plans offered by UNUM. We’ve also represented hundreds of clients who have had their claims denied by UNUM, as well as those who have been awarded reduced benefits payments. This experience has given us a unique insight into the inner workings of UNUM as a company, allowing us to offer advice on a number of issues, including:

Handling UNUM claims
UNUM denial issues
Prevailing against UNUM
When Going Up Against a Fortune 500 Insurance Company, Knowledge is Power

As a Fortune 500 company, UNUM has the ability to shrug off most of your attempts to collect your benefits. In short, your complaints and calls will likely fall on deaf ears as UNUM may view your claim as inconsequential.

When dealing with UNUM, it is important to understand the proper methods of getting results. Our national LTD attorneys have gained a detailed knowledge of UNUM as a company, and have first-hand knowledge of the way they handle claims for long term disability benefits. This insight allows us to offer advice on the proper methods of completing your claim, and the best manner in which to file that claim to improve your chances of successfully obtaining benefits.

Going up against UNUM can be a difficult task under the best circumstances; when you are injured or addressing a disability, the process can seem impossible. You don’t have to face UNUM alone though, our staff will help you address every step in the process of pursuing the benefits you deserve.

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