Attorneys Helping Clients File UNUM Claims for LTD Benefits
UNUM is one of the country’s largest insurance companies, and is listed in the Fortune 500 list. Apart from their success, UNUM has also gained a reputation for denying a large percentage of long term disability claims, or making it extremely difficult for injured or disabled individuals to complete the claims process.

If you carry UNUM long term disability coverage and are unable to work due to injury or disability, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney with knowledge of UNUM’s claims department; while it is possible to file your initial benefits claim alone, the proper legal guidance can dramatically improve your chances of successfully recovering benefits.

At the law firm of Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC, our UNUM long term disability attorneys leverage more than 50 years of combined experience and a firsthand knowledge of the UNUM claims process to offer support to individuals pursuing LTD benefits. Our work representing countless clients with UNUM claims allows us to offer insightful advice throughout the process of filing your claim.

A Proven Approach to UNUM Claims
When handling a claim through UNUM, it is important to take several steps to improve your chances of obtaining benefits, including:

Provide every detail: UNUM often bases its denials on a lack of information; our staff will help you gather and organize every scrap of information related to your condition and your claim. Working closely with your doctor and an accountant, we will compile your medical records, doctors’ opinions and financial statements.
Complete the claim paperwork clearly and completely: UNUM is notorious for having claim documentation that is vague and difficult to understand. We will walk you through every question in the claims form and offer advice on the proper method of providing the required information.
Be prepared to be denied: UNUM has a habit of denying a large percentage of initial claims, even when the claim clearly demonstrates qualification for benefits. Fortunately, a denial notice from UNUM does not signal the end of your pursuit of benefits; you have the right to file a number of internal appeals with the UNUM claims department, and the option to pursue an official review by a federal judge through an ERISA lawsuit.
Don’t Leave Your LTD Claim in the Hands of UNUM Representatives
When attempting to file a long term disability benefits claim under a UNUM coverage plan, it may be helpful to have the guidance of an experienced UNUM denied claims attorney. Our staff has successfully represented countless clients throughout the UNUM claims process, helping them recover the benefits they deserved under their coverage plans.

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